Things That Didn’t Happen

by Anna Breslin

Edges, precipices, love,
stairs and escalators,
the upper seats
of stadiums,

My head never split open,
my heart, whole, is unbroken.

Vertigo, I breathe
Love, do I need less steady

My head is always over
my heels,
but it keeps me


What I wished for carefully,

I wait for still.

Should have I been reckless
in wishing after all?

What’s the trick to having
anything, everything
of which you have ever dreamed?
It’s more than work.

Maybe it’s the attraction
laws I need to adopt.

Can I trade twenty years
of education in all kinds
of reason for vision


I gave up.
I stopped looking
and no one showed up.

There was no love to be found
by not searching.

Another cliche
rings empty.

Love is nowhere
and that’s okay,
it’s also everywhere
and in me.

Things happen,
and they don’t
for reasons
and none.

@2019 – A. Breslin, All Right Reserved.

Image Credit: Nude Descending a Staircase, No. 2, Marcel Duchamps

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