by Anna Breslin

One day, my body will feed 
the earth and stars, 
I’ll be renewed into another form.

I’m not afraid of death and rebirth,
if that’s what happens,

I don’t long for Nirvana
to end this cycle

I don’t aim for that high
a level of enlightenment.

You could say that I am clinging,
unskillful, and unwise,

I may be greedy and deluded.
I accept that as true; I’m human.

Knowing impermanence
intimately, and 
how tears
can cleanse or sting like acid,

how a heart can be beaten
by life like a much-used anvil,

how sometimes pain lasts
longer than love,

still that is not enough
to make me want to give up
on this life or another.

Even so limited as my joy
and love have been,
they were worth the cost
of admission,

I want to do it again and again,
keep me signed up for samsara.

To feel pure happiness,
if only for the lifespan of a Mayfly,
is enough for me,

if I may be loved 
even for one moment,

I am willing to know suffering
life after life.

© 2018, A. Breslin. All Rights Reserved

Image Credit: Photo by Frame Harirak on Unsplash

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