Love Me Like Ordinary Things

by Anna Breslin

love me, if you want, but if you do,
don’t love me with stars or the moon,
don’t love me with the words
of the old romantic poets,
and don’t give me things
like diamonds or sapphires to show
me the depth of your feelings.

love me here on earth.
leave the sun and stardust
just where they are.
find the magic of all
the everyday things that enrich
our lives in a hundred different
tiny ways and love me
like ordinary things.

be like the dresser that holds
the little things I wear,
sturdy and ready,
full of things I love to cover
my skin, offer me silk
and soft cotton,
things I can feel good in
all night and all day.
be the place where i hide
my treasures,
my secrets, and the memories
i want to explore later
when no one else is around.

like all the ordinary things
that make my life better.
bring me a little ease,
love me like things so solid
they last many lifetimes
even when they get
a little broken,
love me in ordinary ways,
imperfectly and vulnerably,
and i will love you
in everything i breathe.


© 2018, A. Breslin. All Rights Reserved

Image Credit: Joseph Stella

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