I want you soon – maybe

by Anna Breslin

of course, it’s spring,

and i am, as the earth is,
ready to be reborn
from slumbering,
well, maybe

my passion for passion,
love for love,
has returned,

sort of

binary libido
either off or on,
sustained for so long
on a diet of 0’s,

is now craving
1 with soul,

i’m pretty sure

i have been living
in solitude for too long,

that’s what people say
but maybe they’ve
got it all wrong

i am hearing whispers
 a longing,
but it could be a lost
echo from a younger me
i don’t know for certain

i want it all,
love, all-consuming
deep understanding,

but not now,

i want you,
my next love,

i’m just not
in a rush

(c) 2018 A. Breslin. All Rights Reserved


Image Credit: Seated Nude, Front View Egon Schiele 

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