Do Not Push

by Anna Breslin

Do Not Push.

I could paint those words
on my glasses or layer them
in my augmented reality.

I push more
than anyone,
myself, me, into
this construct I breathe.

I play empress and alchemist.
I design my queendom
for the use of others,
I focus on turning lead
into gold for everyone
who enters no matter
what energy it takes.

I manage only
a sheer gilding,
but everyone
sees what they will
My efforts have been
as addictive as they
have been futile.
What more are we
than projections
in someone else’s

I am forever pushing
myself where I think
I should be
at this time,
at this age,
I could be
blooming instead.

I am fed up with
being pushed into
someone else’s

Yes, like the truck,
I need stenciled letters
spelling out my request
in bold –

Do Not Push


© 2019, A. Breslin. All Rights Reserved



Image Credit:  Rusty Clark CC BY 2.0

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