by Anna Breslin

Day breaks
on the sidewalk.

Night falls
bruised, cracked,
on the floorboards.

Days balance the depth
of their fragility
on raindrops
and specks of cosmic

We totter in between
these frail spaces,
great worlds spinning
into complexity
in each breeze
that soothes our cheeks,
fills our lungs.

We contain multitudes,
silent shifts in thoughts,
beliefs, a little learning,
a lot of forgetting.

We breed parasites, bacteria,
and set off mutating twists
in our DNA.

We consume the products
of better living through
chemistry wrapped in eternal
shiny films of plastic.

We tumble from moment
to moment
in between all the things
that never happened
and all the possibilities too big
to spark individual concern
because there’s so much
to do in a day
and even more to absorb.

And then
there’s one deep
b r e a t h,
the one we feel
expand our lungs
to the cages of our ribs
ah, here we


© 2019, A. Breslin. All Rights Reserved

Image Credit: Shallow-Deep, Wassily Kandinsky

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